There is a large misconception that the concepts oil paintings and affordable do not go together. This misconception is based on past knowledge, from times when art was only found in museums and in the homes of high society people. However, this perception has gradually changed, and as time went on, society has realized that the concept of affordable art does exist, and people can decorate their homes with affordable art alternatives. The most popular affordable art alternatives are the oil paintings reproductions. Master pieces created by famous artists are no longer restricted to museums and private collectors. Nowadays, the wide public has a large selection of affordable art at art galleries and online art stores: high quality oil paintings reproductions. Many places sell oil paintings reproductions of famous artists but also those of less famous painters. All the oil paintings reproductions have been handmade by an unknown artist. Companies hire hundreds of artists particularly for this purpose. This is the reason why this affordable art form is available in many shapes and sizes, in all colors and themes. As a result it is no longer a difficult and intimidating process to change the interior design of your home, or add some color and character to a room. All that you must do is select the painting that is right for you and your room and you have altered the appearance of the room or home. Before one goes about purchasing the affordable art alternative it is very important to define, in advance, the general criteria's that you want in your oil paintings reproductions. You must first decide the function of the room, and then match a painting that will achieve that function best. It is always a good idea to keep the color scheme in mind, in addition to the mood of the room. For example, when purchasing an oil painting reproduction for children's bedroom, it is advised to choose cartoon style oil paintings reproductions, preferably with bright colors, and not a classic Picasso painting. Although, oil paintings reproductions are more affordable than original paintings, they are both equally majestic. The vibrant colors, sharpness of the images in the painting have a dramatic effect on all those who enter the room. In addition oil paintings reproductions easily translate the image into feelings and mode to the surroundings. Such as a mellow pastel oil painting will create a quiet withdrawing area, and a tranquil landscape, other scenic painting will be the right environment for an office space. All wall décor, and mainly oil paintings, have an impact on all those who enter the room. It is important to remember when choosing oil paintings reproductions, that neither the subject nor the colors should create an overwhelming feeling to the room. There is much significance to the location in which the oil paintings are hung. Careful not to clutter the paintings, this can cause confusion in the room instead of the mood that you were originally aiming for. In addition to oil painting reproductions being the affordable art of choice, and a more realistic way to decorate one's home, they also make a special and one of a kind gift. Many artists that make the oil paintings reproductions also make commission oil paintings. In other words, you can ask the artist to make the picture according to your specifications. For Instance, have the artist add your friend's portrait to a famous scenic painting, originally made by a famous artist, as a unique wedding gift. Keep in mind that the process of creating handmade oil paintings reproductions is long and can take up to several weeks to finish. All oil paintings, whether they are originals or reproductions, are made with layers of oil colors. Each layer is heavier and thicker than the one before. It is necessary to wait for the paint to dry between one layer and the other. But in most cases the results are worth the wait. Having the option of giving a loved one a unique gift such as oil paintings reproductions has always been popular among the art loving community, and lately has been growing more and more popular throughout different classes of society. If once it was considered prestigious to give an artistic oil painting, today it is considered to be an affordable artistic gift for anyone and for any occasion. It seems that the importance of wall décor and intuitive feeling that one receives from his surroundings have been tied together throughout history. If once people could admire the beauty of oil paintings from afar, the growing trend of oil paintings reproductions has given the average person an alternative. Now any person has a chance for an affordable artistic creation in their home. With oil paintings reproductions as an affordable art alternative, wall décor are no longer the privilege of high society and the more wealthy folks. We all can have a more beautiful home to come to and entertain at.