"An experienced painting contractor team can finish their job easily within a fraction of seconds. The properties get a good look with just a few swipes of a brush. There are electrostatic painting, commercial painting, industrial painting, residential painting contractors all over the world. Electrostatic painting, also referred to as powder coating , is an innovative method used for painting metals and certain types of plastics. It makes use of electrically charged powders in order to create a shiny and smooth finish and other desired effects. The core idea of electrostatic painting is that two electrostatic objects with oppositely charged particles automatically attract each other, which leads to paint on metal objects more quickly and cost efficiently. Special tools are required for electrostatic painting to take advantage of the attraction of oppositely charged fields. The paint holding positive charge is sprayed onto the metal object holding negative charge, so paint can grab easily onto the metal surface. Electrostatic painting provides a very durable coating paint system for aluminum , architectural steel, race car frames, patio furniture, filing cabinets, door and window frames. The method using in electrostatic painting gives a mirror-smooth finish without the sags, bubbles and drips etc. In addition, the process is using in electrostatic painting, an eco-friendly process since it does not use any solvents that can evaporate or contaminate drainage water. The disadvantage of the electrostatic painting is that it can produce some bad odors and so it mainly suggested that painting is to be done outdoors. Commercial painting services mainly focus on wall painting for advertisements, event exhibitions etc like commercial purposes. The most common use of industrial painting is for rust control of steel structures such as offshore platforms, bridges, underground pipelines etc. and also for fire resistance. There are a lot of industrial painting contractors, they perform skilled painting and rust prevention of equipment and vehicles, including meters, regulators, water tanks, pumps, motors, pipes, valves, graders, trucks, etc. Each painting contractors is trying to make a reputation by doing their works effectively and efficiently. The major working area of industrial painters are petrochemical, pulp and paper, food processing, electronics, manufacturing and power generation, as well as on numerous bridges, stadiums, and other structures etc. There are some technologies to apply paints with sprayers and other technologies. While doing the painting, industrial painters who apply paints to metal surfaces in factories must be highly concerned with the paint's properties, such as flammability and performance under high temperatures. Sometimes professional painters have to use a solvent to thin out paint or clean up a coat of paint. Industrial painters choose the right type of spray gun or other spraying device based on the type of paint finish desired and on the type of paint and the type of substrate. Wood finishing is mainly for the purpose of protecting wood and enhances its appearance. The wood finishing refers to the process of protecting the surface of a wooden material, the protection in the sense, not only for the finishes at the surface, but also the protection for entire wood from insects, fungi etc. Finishing is the most difficult task for the beginners in wood working. There are a lot of wood finish services specializing companies in wood finishing materials for finishing of furniture, cabinets, picture frames etc. The wood finishing process starts with surface preparation, either by sanding by hand by using a sanding block or power sander , scraping . The remaining imperfections or nail holes can be removed by using wood putty or wood filler. If the finish has not dried completely it will ball up or make ""corns"" on the sandpaper, so allow the finish to dry more, continuing to sand. The commonly used wood finishes include wax, shellac, linseed oil or tung oil (like drying oils), lacquer , varnish , or paint . Most of the well-known painting companies assure professional services, translucent payment terms, timely job completion etc. by painting experts under company supervision, taking the pain out of painting and minimizing the disarray disturb. Dulux, Asian paints etc. are some of the major famous painting companies, they have their own place and good will among the public. Painting and staining are some of the easiest ways to improve the look of home and other properties.